Prior to the Lockerbie air disaster in December 1988, the men's game had not been represented in Scotland since the turn of the 20th century. The tragedy of Pan Am Flight 103 saw many Syracuse University students perish and on a memorial visit one year later the University's lacrosse team were surprised that there was no Scotland national men's team for them to compete against. The country was challenged to pull together an inaugural and bona fide team; this was achieved some eight months later and following the 1990 World Championships the men's team played their first representative match.


Since that time Scotland have been represented at every European and World Championships held.  Scotland is currently ranked 6th in the world and will compete in the Blue Division for the first time in it’s history at the 2018 FIL World Championship in Manchester England

Hall Of Fame

John Marr

Martin Clarke

Mark Hodkin

Robert Hetherington