Summary of Trial Rule Recommendations:

· Field size — 70 meters X 36 meters
· Field markings – perimeter markings, goal circles/creases, goal line, midline, draw circle, substitution and player boxes
· Goals – maintain current specifications
· Game structure – four 8-minute periods: running clock; 5-minute halftime and 2 minutes between quarters
· Time clock stops for a timeout, end of a quarter, injury, or during a dead ball within the last two minutes of the fourth quarter
· Shot clock – 45 seconds; resets on every possession change
· Game and shot clocks stop for a timeout, injury, or during a dead ball within the last two minutes of the fourth quarter; resets following the end of a quarter
· Two 30-second timeouts for each team per half
· Squad size – 10; 6 + 4 subs (allow up to two alternates for competition-ending injury TBD)
· On-field players – 6 on 6; goalie and five field players on the field at one time
· On field staff – two coaches and one medical
· Substitutions – on the fly
· Offside – both teams must hold back two players behind the midline
· Over-and-back – prohibited
· Ball out-of-bounds – when the ball goes out of bounds for any reason, including a shot, it is awarded to the team that did not touch it last
· Goals – if a player is fouled in the act of shooting, the goal will count
· After a goal – goalies have 5-seconds to put the ball in play be either passing it or running it out of the goal circle
· All defending players can run through the crease but cannot act as a goalie
· Draws – at start of each period and OT
· OT – sudden victory
· Officiating – 2 officials per game

Rules of Play